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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

As we transition to a our new league website and registration platform, powered by Dick's Teams HQ, there will be some new challenges and undoubtedly questions during this transition. League volunteers will work to respond as quickly as possible, but we ask for your patience.  

Will my prior Stack Sports family/player registration and/or login information be imported?

Unfortunately, with our transition to the new system each family will need to create and establish a new account.  While the process will take a few minutes, the long-term benefits to our league on this new platform will be beneficial for all community members.

The system says I already have an account but I have never registered on the new system. What's up?

The new website and registration system is powered by Dick's TSHQ, which is part of Dick's Sporting Goods. If you have an existing Dick's Sporting Goods login (e.g. from a previous online purchase), you may use that to login to the SVLL registration system. If you forgot your password, just go through the "forgot password" instructions to recover. Alternately, you can create a new account using a different email, but it is recommended you just keep the same login to keep things simple.

During player registration, there is a section which includes forms/data discussing Residency & School Attendance.  Do you have to complete the Residency & School Attendance Eligibility Requirements (form uploads) to complete registration?

As part of our new technology platform we are now including this data collection in all registration profiles as per Little League rules and regulations we need to validate our league players are zoned to our little league boundary.  Historically, this is often associated at Upper Division and All Stars, but we aim to complete this earlier in the year.  Please note you can opt to complete your player registration and upload completed forms at a later date from your Account profile.

I have a specific question about registration, who should I contact?

For Baseball and Softball registration questions, please contact: [email protected]. 

What days of the week will be child be playing or practicing? I'd like to know before I register.

It depends on the program your child is enrolled in, as well as other variables like the coach's intended schedule. For a rough guideline of days of week, see our general FAQ.

Does my child have to participate in skills assessments? How do skills assessments work?

Skills assessments are described in full on the Skills Assessment page. 

May I request my child to be on a specific team or with specific friends/family?

For upper divisions, team make-up is determined via assessments.

Farm League has a policy of not granting player requests for specific coaches/play together requests.

We will be assigning players by School identified in the registration process, to attempt to keep players/teams local. For students without a school identified we will attempt by location, but may end up with some random placements.

The only exceptions to this rule are:

  1. Siblings will play on the same team, unless otherwise requested.
  2. Managers will always have their child on their team, unless otherwise requested.
  3. Managers may request up to two additional children to play on their team.
  4. Requests made for the purpose of player safety. Any such request will need to be reviewed and approved by the Farm League Director and League President.

SVLL is a volunteer ran organization and play together requests had become much too burdensome to bear and left us with unbalanced teams.

The only way to guarantee play together would be to manage a team. We provide a ton of resources and assistance, making the job fun, easy and rewarding. We typically have trouble finding Managers/Coaches at the lower levels due to a fear of ‘not knowing enough’. My best advice is that you only need to know more about baseball than a 5-year-old. 😉 We also allow co-coach/managing at the Farm League level, where multiple parents take the role of Manager, this helps in instances where scheduling is more difficult (i.e. a parent can't make all practices/games, but between 2 or 3 they can cover them all).

If you select the same school during the registration process, you have a higher chance of being together, but it’s not guaranteed in the cases where we get more than one team worth of players from the same school, for instance.

Where do I signup to volunteer to be a Team Manager or Assistant Coach?

After you have created your personal/family account in the system - in Step 3 of your player registration you will be informed of various volunteer opportunities. Those requesting to be a Team Manager will have data fields to request practice slots. For those requesting to be Assistant Coach you data fields will be slightly different.

Outside of key team coaching roles, you will be asked about additional team roles you can support with. Remember all team and league activities are 100% volunteer driven and the league needs your support.

Where do I complete and send my Volunteer Application Form?

The historical "paper" League Volunteer forms are no longer accepted in 2019. After completing your Volunteer Application Registration in the program Registration process, SVLL will take your Name and email address and upload Little League's background screening provider. This is not automatic currently, SVLL volunteers have a manual step to complete, but you will eventually receive an e-mail where you will receive a background screening invite. The application must be filled out in it's entirety and our SVLL will be notified once your application has been processed.


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