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Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Common Questions Heading into Spring 2021

How do I determine my child's league age and corresponding level?

You can enter you information into the Little League Age Determination Tool. 

How can I verify that I am within the  SVLL boundary?

You can enter your address into the Boundary Map and League Finder Tool..  A  child is also considered within the league boundaries if attending a school within the league boundary.

What if I have a credit that was rolled over from 2020?

If you opted to have your 2020 fees rollover to 2021, your credits have been applied to each of your accounts, and the fees will be deducted from any balance owed at the completion of your player’s registration process.   

What is the Pricing for Spring 2021?

Pricing for 2021 will remain the same as 2020.  If you have a credit from 2020 there may still be a small balance due if you are registering for a higher division or due to changes in some of the discounts this year.
Registration Fees:
   Farm League - Tee Ball:  $90
   Farm League - Sluggers:  $125
   Farm League - Single A:  $125
   Upper Division - AA:  $200 
   Upper Division - AAA, Coast, Majors:  $240
   Big Fields - Intermediate, Junior, Senior$300

Is the Early Bird Discount available this year?

Due to the losses incurred last year from upgrading equipment,  renting field space, and purchasing uniforms prior to having to cancel the season we will not be offering the Discount this year.   We instead made the decision to keep the registration rates the same as last year.  The savings from the discount and additional donations to the league will be used to fund scholarships for players in financial hardship.

Are scholarships available to cover registration fees?

Scholarships are offered for players who are in financial hardship.  Little League believes that no child should be denied the right to play.  Scholarship requests should be directed to [email protected].

What COVID-19 Safety Measures are being taken?  

SVLL’s Board of Directors is taking safety measures very seriously as we prepare for the upcoming season. SVLL will be following the State of Washington's King County safety requirements for youth sports, and those of Little League International and Little League District 9. Currently our sport is categorized as “moderate risk” and scrimmage, intra-team competitions, and league games are allowed when King County is in the “Moderate Level County COVID Activity” range, (>25-75 cases/100K/14 days AND <5% positivity). We will release our full “Return to Play” protocols when the season nears.    

Will Masks be required?  

At this time the state and Department of Health (DOH) are requiring masks for moderate risk outdoor sports.   This means masks will be worn in the dugout area and on the field.   SVLL will continue to follow any changes to this policy..  We will follow the state and DOH guidelines for safe play.

Will parents to able to attend games?  

Family units will be able to sit together in the bleachers or along the foul lines of the fields.  Family units must be socially distanced from other family units.  This policy will be subject to change as our region progresses to additional phases and we receive recommended safety measures for each phase from the State.

How will players and coaches be screened?

Coaches, players, and other adults will be asked to monitor symptoms closely and to stay home if they develop COVID symptoms or have a known exposure. They will be asked to follow King County Department of Health instructions for quarantine and testing and the Little League Organization will follow those instructions. Confidentiality will be respected as much as possible.

What about when children are vaccinated?  

We anticipate that over time as infection rates change and vaccinations occur these protocols will change. However, it is impossible to predict when and what changes will be made. As always, Little League will be following Washington State law. 

What sanitizing protocols will be used?

Hand sanitizer will be available for players and adults.  Players will gel between innings and at the start and end of games.  Balls will be rotated out between innings and sanitized.   Protocols for bats, helmets, and catching gear are under development.  Players with their own gear will be asked not to share this season.

What will players be allowed to do under the new COVID phases and rules?  

Under the new COVID phases all 10 Washington regions are starting in Phase 1. 
     Phase 1:   Players can practice and train
     Phase 2:  Games are allowed  (We are Here)
     Phase 3:   Information not release yet, but we hope it includes Tournaments
More information available Here.

How do I volunteer as a Manager or Assistant Coach in 2021?  

Our league is 100% volunteer driven, and volunteer Managers and Coaches are extremely important in order to provide our kids with a successful season of development. We need your help. Please consider volunteering to coach this season. You will have to option to indicate your desire to volunteer as a Manager or Assistant Coach during the registration process.  

If you have already registered a player and wish to sign-up to volunteer later you can do so from your Account Page or from our Volunteer Opportunities page.

I don’t want to manage a team or assist as a coach. Are there other ways to volunteer?  

We’ll be reliant on parent volunteers in 2021 more than ever before. Incredibly important positions include Team Parent/Culture Liaison, Scorekeeper, Safety Volunteer, and volunteers to help us fundraise at our Snack Bar. You can register to volunteer during the registration process. 

If you have already registered a player and wish to sign-up to volunteer later you can do so from your Account Page or from our Volunteer Opportunities page.

I can’t volunteer at games or for a team. Can I help Snoqualmie Valley Little League financially?  

Please consider donating to SVLL. At the beginning of 2020, SVLL was positively on track to meet our 2020 Financial Budget goals. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 Crisis, we ended up falling short by $40,000. We need to make up this deficit in order to provide Little Leaguers with a healthy and positive program in the future. You will have the opportunity to donate during the registration process. If you are in a position to do so, please consider helping. Your support can be the difference in providing scholarships and offsetting the cost of uniforms, equipment, league fees, field maintenance, and much more. You’ll see additional giving campaigns in the weeks ahead on our social media platforms. We ask that you share those widely with your family, friends and community.  The greatest reward of all will be to know you’ve directly contributed to the positive success of a child in our community.    Please see the following charts for full financial transparency.

Does SVLL perform Background Checks?

We do perform background checks per Little League Guidelines.   Little League® regulations require any volunteer with repetitive access to children to consent to a national criminal background check, which includes a check of the National Sex Offender Registry database.  A few weeks before the season starts we will send out the background check request to Volunteers.

I have a specific question about registration, who should I contact?

For registration questions, please contact: [email protected].   

What days of the week will be child be playing or practicing? I'd like to know before I register.

It depends on the program your child is enrolled in, as well as other variables like the coach's intended schedule. We will post a rough guideline of days and times by Division when the High Level schedule is available. 

Does my child have to participate in skills assessments? How do skills assessments work?

Skills assessments are described in full on the Skills Assessment page.  In short they are only for Upper Division Baseball and Softball.  Farm League does not hold assessments.  For Spring 2021 the skills assessment may be impacted by County Covid-19 restrictions.

Can I request my child to Play Up or Play Down a Division?

During registration there is an option to select Play Up or Play Down as well as a comment field.   Play Up decisions will be based on assessments and the League Drafts.  New this year is also an option to choose the Division you would like your child to play in.   This is similar to Play Up or Play Down, but may work better for some parents who know the Divisions and League very well.

May I request my child to be on a specific team or with specific friends/family?

For upper divisions, team make-up is determined via assessments.

Farm League has a policy of not granting player requests for specific coaches/play together requests.

We will be assigning players by School identified in the registration process, to attempt to keep players/teams local. For students without a school identified we will attempt by location, but may end up with some random placements.

The only exceptions to this rule are:

  1. Siblings will play on the same team, unless otherwise requested.
  2. Managers will always have their child on their team, unless otherwise requested.
  3. Managers may request up to two additional children to play on their team.
  4. Requests made for the purpose of player safety. Any such request will need to be reviewed and approved by the Farm League Director and League President.

SVLL is a volunteer ran organization and play together requests had become much too burdensome to bear and left us with unbalanced teams.

The only way to guarantee play together would be to manage a team. We provide a ton of resources and assistance, making the job fun, easy and rewarding. We typically have trouble finding Managers/Coaches at the lower levels due to a fear of ‘not knowing enough’. My best advice is that you only need to know more about baseball than a 5-year-old. 😉 We also allow co-coach/managing at the Farm League level, where multiple parents take the role of Manager, this helps in instances where scheduling is more difficult (i.e. a parent can't make all practices/games, but between 2 or 3 they can cover them all).

If you select the same school during the registration process, you have a higher chance of being together, but it’s not guaranteed in the cases where we get more than one team worth of players from the same school, for instance.

During player registration, there is a section which includes forms/data discussing Residency & School Attendance.  Do you have to complete the Residency & School Attendance Eligibility Requirements (form uploads) to complete registration?

As part of our new technology platform we are now including this data collection in all registration profiles as per Little League rules and regulations we need to validate our league players are zoned to our little league boundary.  Historically, this is often associated at Upper Division and All Stars, but we aim to complete this earlier in the year.  Please note you can opt to complete your player registration and upload completed forms at a later date from your Account profile.


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