Snoqualmie Valley Little League

All-Star Selection Process

All-Star Player Selection Process

The process for selecting All-Star teams will involve several steps. The players, assistant coaches, parents, and umpires may be consulted to help make the selections for the All-Star teams but the managers will decide the final All-Star team, which is then approved by the SVLL Board and submitted to District 9.

Other forms of evaluation such as voting, umpire surveys, player balloting, parent surveys or tryouts may be considered. The Board of Directors, with manager input, will determine the forms of evaluation necesary to create the most competitive teams possible through the most fair and consistent means necessary.

Final team configurations: The league managers, president, and player agent will meet together to review all inputs and determine the final roster of players. A player may be eligible for two teams so during the manager's meeting the best candidates for each All Star team will be considered while balancing positions and needs to ensure the best team configuration. Players are evaluated on multiple criteria including: player's performance, attitude, sportsmanship, commitment and teamwork. The team is completed on the basis of these criteria and on the needs of the All-Star team (i.e. are their adequate catchers and pitchers, and other key positions represented). Once the managers have completed their deliberations and the final recommended slate of players for each team is submitted to the Board and president for final approval. The SVLL president shall be involved in the manager deliberations and shall make the final decision to accept the manager recommended roster on behalf of the SVLL Board, unless the president feels that there is sufficient reason to call for a Board meeting to resolve an issue.

Confidentiality and Oversight: The process and meetings are facilitated by the league president and assisted by the player agent. The player selections and manager deliberations about the prospective players are strictly confidential.

Player notification: The All-Star team manager is asked to notify all team members as promptly as is possible on June 1st or two weeks prior to the first All Star game, whichever comes first. Managers of players not chosen will notify those players at the same time as the All Star manager.

All-Star Manager Selection Process

The manager (head coach) for each of the All-Star teams will be chosen by the board. Each person that wants to be considered for any All-Star manager position needs to do so by completing the manager commitment form and returning it to the SVLL Board.

Eligibility: A person must be registered and approved as a member of the coaching staff of a regular season team and may manage at the same level or below, they may not manage up a level.

Voting Process: Each applicant can participate in any or all of the processes described below:

  • Each applicant will have approximately 5 minutes to give a prepared message to the board which is followed by approximately 5 minutes of Q&A.
  • Each applicant can provide a written resume to the board of one page.
  • There will be a board only open discussion following the presentations and resumes.
  • The manager will be chosen by a blind ballot with a simple majority deciding the outcome.

The All Star manager's coaching staff will also need to be approved by the SVLL Board

All of the details discussed are done with complete confidence, and not to be discussed with non-board members.