Snoqualmie Valley Little League

Proof of Residency

Proof of Residency

Little League rules require leagues to have proof of age and residency before player assessments. You will need to bring with your child a copy of their birth certificate and 3 proofs of residency dated Nov 2016-Feb 2017. Approved proof of residency examples are 1 utility bill, a driver license and voter registration card. All names must be the same as well as the address on your proof of residency.

Other options are listed below. The school enrollment form which will need to be signed by the school principle if you qualify for SVLL because of the school you attend.

Proof of Residency Options:

  • Driver's License
  • Voter's Registration
  • School records
  • Welfare/Child care records
  • Federal records
  • State records
  • Local (municipal) records
  • Support payment records
  • Homeowner or tenant records
  • Utility bills (i.e. gas, electric, water/sewer, phone, mobile phone, heating, waste disposal)
  • Financial (loan, credit, investments, etc.) records
  • Insurance documents
  • Medical records
  • Military records
  • Internet, cable or satellite records
  • Vehicle records
  • Employment records