Snoqualmie Valley Little League


Snoqualmie Valley Little League Spring 2018 Registration Is Now Open!

Snoqualmie Valley Little League (SVLL) registration is now open for the 2018 Spring season. SVLL fielded 44 teams last season across its baseball, softball, Farm League and Challenger divisions, and had more than 400 children participate. So now is the time to get your son or daughter signed up for the Spring!

Registration Close Dates

  • Upper Division (Double-A, Triple-A, Coast, Majors) baseball and softball registration (ages 8+) will close on January 20, 2018
  • Farm League (Tee Ball, Sluggers, Single-A) registration (ages 5-7) will close on March 15, 2018

These are hard close dates and anyone signing up after registration has closed will be placed on a waitlist to play if space becomes available. No additional teams will be added for players on the waitlist. Please note that our Upper Division was completely full last season, so make sure to sign up prior to the close date.

Skills Assessment

Players "league age" 8 and up will play in the Upper Division (Double-A, Triple-A, Coast, Majors) and are required to attend a Skills Assessment on Saturday, January 27, 2018. This is not a tryout but rather an opportunity to provide managers time to evaluate players before team formations. The assessment helps SVLL form balanced teams to create a fun and competitive season for all players. While similar to a tryout, all players will make a team regardless of skill set.

The skills assessment will take place at Mt. Si High School and for more information about the assessment, please visit: Please note - boys born Aug. 31, 2010 or earlier and girls born in 2009 or earlier are "league age" 8 and will participate in the Upper Division. The Upper Division season begins six weeks earlier than Farm League and practices will begin the first week of March. Farm League players do not participate in the Skills Assessment. The Little League Age Calculator can be used to help determine your players league age:

The age table can help determine which level you son or daughter should play:

Play-Up Policy

A player requesting to "Play Up" to a higher level (Double-A, Triple-A, Coast etc.) with in a Division (i.e. Upper Division), than their age merits, must be drafted in the first 4 rounds of that higher level. Any player requesting to "Play Up" but not drafted in the first 4 rounds of that draft will be placed into the draft at the next lower level. For example, a league age 8-year-old player petitioning to play up from Double-A to Triple-A level, must be drafted in the first 4 rounds by the Triple-A managers; if they are not drafted in the first 4 rounds, that player will be moved to the Double-A level draft.

Player safety as well as the number of eligible players in the requested level will also be considered in the process. For the complete Draft Policies, including "Play Up" and "Play Down" requests, visit:

Interested in playing Intermediate, Junior or Senior level baseball?

For players interested in playing Intermediate, Junior or Senior level baseball, there is an "interested" registration option to allow the league to gauge the number of interested players to better inform team sizes and availability. This option can be found in the registration portal and is labeled as Intermediate - Interested, Junior - Interested or Senior - Interested.

Coaches and Volunteers

It takes a lot of volunteers to run a little league and we appreciate all the work and help the community provides. When registering your son or daughter, please consider volunteering in some capacity. We always need coaches and managers across all divisions and levels. You can sign up to volunteer by using the same registration process; simply select the 2018 Spring Baseball / Softball - Coaches link on the registration page.

2018 Bat Standard Update

Changes are coming to the baseball bat standards in 2018. Learn more about the USA Bat Standard.

Volunteer Hours = $ for SVLL

Many companies in our area have programs that match your volunteer time and make payments to non-profits like SVLL. Microsoft is one of those companies and the league just received a check for $4,250 for reported volunteer hours.

Please check with your employer and see if you have a similar volunteer matching program. Volunteer hours include time coaching, umpiring, scorekeeping and board member service.

Thank you, Microsoft, for your continued support of SVLL and thank you, league volunteers, for putting in so many hours to help Snoqualmie Valley Little League thrive!

Softball Winter Workouts 2018

Softball Winter Workouts Return!

We are happy to announce that Softball winter workouts return to Fridays for 2017-2018. If you play softball, or are thinking about playing this spring, please plan to attend as many dates as possible. The workouts will be for ages 7 years and up and participants are encouraged to bring friends that are interested in giving softball a try in a low-pressure, learning environment.

Each workout session will run from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, at the North Bend Elementary gymnasium. Feel free to attend for part of the time if you can't make the full two hours.

Parents and Guardians are encouraged to visit for medical release and concussion forms that must submitted at the workout before a player may participate. Forms will be available at the workouts as well.

Workout dates:

October: 20th, 27th

November: 3rd, 16th (Thursday)

December: 1st, 8th

January: 5th, 12th, 19th

Coaches and volunteers are hoping you'll take advantage of this free and local opportunity to get some repetitions that keep the rust off until spring.