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All-Star Frequently Asked Questions

All-Star Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to play All-Stars?

Any player league age 8+ that has played in 60% of his/her team's regular season games and has returned a Player Commitment form to the Player Agent ( is eligible for All-Star consideration. Eight year old eligibility was added a couple years ago and is designed to allow elite 8 year olds that are "playing up" in the league age 9 division (AAA) a chance to participate in All-Stars with their teammates. This change is not intended to encourage league age 8 players (AA) to play on the All-Star team with players two and sometimes three divisions above them.

What are the typical make-ups of the All-Star teams?

All-Stars is offered in the following divisions:

9/10 - Typically this team is made up of 10 year olds that play in the Coast or Majors divisions.

10/11 - It is up to each league's discretion to decide how to divide its 10 and 11 year olds between its All-Star teams. SVLL usually pushes its talent down so the top 10 year olds play on the 9/10 team and the top 11 year olds play on the 10/11 team.

11/12 - This division is also called the "Little League division" and is the age group you see on T.V. participating in the Little League World Series. These players will be chosen from the Majors teams.

13/14 - This team is usually made up of Intermediate and Juniors level players.

SVLL will not necessarily field a team at each level. Instead, the league will decide which levels to participate in based on interest and skill level.

How are the All-Star teams selected?

All players interested in being considered for an All-Star team must fill out a Player Commitment form, which outlines the demands and expectations of an All-Star season, and return it to the Player Agent or President.

SVLL will then take a number of factors into consideration to create the All-Star rosters, including:

  • Manager and opposing managers input
  • Parent and player input
  • Tryouts (if deemed necessary by the All-Star manager)

How are All-Star Managers selected?

Coaches interested in managing an All-Star team must fill out a Manager Commitment form, which outlines the demands and expectations of an All-Star season, and return it to the Player Agent or President. The Board of Directors will vote on who will manage the SVLL All-Star teams.

When are the All-Star Tournaments?

Tournament dates and location vary year-to-year and are different for each division. 2018 Brackets/Schedule

How does All-Stars differ from the regular Little League season experience?

Whereas the Little League regular season experience is focused on building fundamentals, developing the skills of all players and fun, the All-Star season is focused on winning. This means a 13 player roster will likely have 4-6 players that spend a lot of time on the bench and play only the minimum requirements outlined by Little League, which is one at-bat. The All-Star tournaments are highly competitive and with a double elimination format in place, managers will not be assigning playing time with equality and fairness in mind. The primary goal is to win ballgames and advance in the tournament. That said, over 80% of players' time will be spent at practices and pre-game workouts. This is the time that ALL players participate equally and receive a comprehensive coaching experience with more frequent practices that are longer in duration. All Stars is a heavy on and off field time commitment (practices, meetings, pre-game and games). Please be prepared and committed to attending all events.

Is there a fee to play All-Stars?

Yes. The All-Star tournament is a separate opportunity for players to continue playing baseball/softball after the regular Little League season is completed. SVLL sponsors the tournament teams, which includes team equipment, balls and tournament fees. Parents and players are responsible for a portion of the expenses incurred by the team. Cost is not to be a preventative factor for any player to participate. If a player needs financial assistance, they simply need to approach any Board Member with their request for a scholarship.